Our team of immigration law lawyers are experienced in all aspects of immigration, asylum law and human rights. Whether you are looking for asylum, visiting family or worried that you might lose your right to remain, we can help.

Our services are simple and supportive by design, with practical solutions and understandable advice at the centre of what we do. We also have a number of translators and interpreters to help clients with poor English skills, so you’ll always be understood at PHRPL.

Whatever your situation, you can rest assured that we’ll fight to give you the best possible outcome by using our skills and experience to your advantage. If you happen to have a complex immigration/asylum history, our team will work with you to provide the best possible arguments for each case.

PHRPL offer flexible competitive rates which may exclude legal aid,

Judicial Review

If your immigration was unsuccessful, then you may be able to apply for a Judicial Review, which will investigate the authorities in charge of rejecting your application. If your review application to the High Court of England and Wales is successful, your rejection may be overturned or reversed, allowing you to immigrate to the UK.


At PHRPL, we have many years of experience in Judicial Reviews, and we’ll help you to get the best result possible, no matter your personal situation.

At PHRPL we have been conducting Judicial Reviews on behalf of clients for many years. Fighting many successfully we are in the right position to find justice for you.

Reuniting Refugees with their Family Members

If you or a member of your family have been granted asylum by the UK government, then you have the right to be reunited with your family, wherever they may be. Contact a member of our team by calling 01612246437 or emailing, to discuss your case and get closer to your family today.

Making a Fresh Claim for Asylum or Human Rights Protection

If you want to make a new claim following a failed application or appeal, our highly experienced case workers and solicitors can help. While this kind of work is very complex, PHRPL have been working on cases like this since 2009, giving us experience and insider knowledge that’s hard to beat!

Contact our dedicated and experienced team of specialists to see what we can do for you by calling 0161 2246437 today. Because PHRPL is a non-profit organisation, we offer a wide range of flexible finance. If you’re unsure about prices or services, get in contact.

How we can help:

PHRPL will review your case and identify what went wrong and what we can improve on, including:

  • Talking about potential sources of new evidence in your own country and the UK
  • Working alongside expert witnesses who can assess your account and evidence and support your claim

Most new claims are rejected by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) authority, but can often be appealed by Judicial Review. Our experienced lawyers will help you to submit an application that can be defended in the tribunal if it’s rejected by the Secretary of State.

Examples of new Evidence for a Fresh Claim

Examples of new Evidence for a Fresh Claim

  • Receiving news that you are still a target of persecution
  • Changes in your country since you left
  • There is proof that the Home Office wrongly applied a policy
  • Proof that the Home Office wrongly applied a policy
  • The Home Office using a policy or procedure that is now deemed unlawful
  • Provable risk of discrimination because of your sexuality
  • Conversion to Christianity after interactions with support group
  • You are a victim of trafficking

The Home Office is likely to doubt changes in your circumstances, especially if you didn’t disclose this information from the start of your initial claim. This is why it’s vital to gather evidence for your claim from the start, which our experienced team are excellent at.

If you want to make a new claim but don’t fit one of the examples listed above, our lawyers can advise whether your evidence is relevant enough for a new claim.

Preparing a Fresh Claim

Our team will help you to prepare a new claim and write accompanying statements, but you may have to collect the evidence yourself. After that, you should review the documents from your original asylum/human rights claim. These may include:

  • The form from your Home Office screening interview
  • The transcript from your interview for asylum
  • Witness statements and other evidence
  • The Reasons for Refusal letter from the Home Office
  • The first court refusal of your appeal and any other court decisions

If you are missing any of these documents, your lawyers will contact the Home Office and request them on your behalf. You then have to :

  • Gather your new evidence
  • Write a letter explaining the new evidence, including what they are, how you obtained them and why they should be considered
  • Submit your evidence in person, unless you have mitigating circumstances

Your lawyers will be with you every step of the way to ensure each step of your fresh claim is carried out accurately.

EEA Immigration

If you want to join your EEA national family member in the UK as either their direct family member or extended family member, prove your right of residence in the UK or apply for permanent residence, our highly experienced caseworkers and solicitors are available to guide you through the process with minimal stress.

We can also, help you prove your right of residence in the UK  if you have not acquired permanent residence on the death, or the termination of your marriage or civil partnership with the EEA national.

To learn more or arrange a meeting, please call 0161 224 6437, email, or contact us online.