Divorce and Separation

Whether you’re thinking of filing for divorce or are have received a divorce petition from your spouse, PHRPL can provide expert advice, guidance and representation. Divorce is rarely simple or easy, which is why our experienced lawyers will guide you through every step of the process.

It’s usually best to talk things through with your spouse before contacting a lawyers, as most marriage issues can be resolved with enough effort and consideration. However, if your marriage has broken down irretrievably, you need to prove one of five things:

  1. That your partner has committed adultery, with a confession or photo evidence
  2. Abusive behaviour
  3. Desertion for 2 or more years
  4. 2 years’ separation and mutual agreement to a divorce
  5. 5 years separation (with or without mutual agreement)

Most divorce proceedings are based on adultery or behavioural grounds, though the latter is often subjective and does not need to be extreme. Once you have enough evidence (or consent) to make a divorce claim, you need to make arrangements for finance, property and custody (if applicable).

Because divorce claims can be very complex and lengthy, we suggest that you arrange a consultation with our expert Family Law team before moving forward with the divorce.

To learn more or arrange a meeting, please call 0161 224 6437, email office@phrpl.org, or contact us online.